How to Ship Christmas Cookies

Send the gift of homemade cookies this holiday season! Learn how to ship Christmas cookies without breaking them and keep them fresh in transit.

Homemade cookies are more than just a delicious snack; they're a personal and thoughtful gift. Imagine your loved ones' joy when they receive a cookie container filled with your handcrafted treats.

why ship cookies?

Consider brownies, bar cookies, sugar cookies, or shortbread. Or any chewy cookies like chocolate chip, truffles, and sandwich cookies. These will withstand shipping better.

use sturdy cookies

I wrap my cookies in pairs, with the flat bottoms facing each other. Wrap them snugly. Also, layer the bottom of your cookie tin with bubble wrap and fill every empty space so there's no wiggling.

wrap it tightly

Clearly label your box and choose a shipping option that suits your timeline. Priority mail is great for timely delivery since its delivery window is 2-3 days, and your cookie care package contains perishable items.

for shipping


may your family and friends

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